Affiliate Learning – Intermediate

Monitor money machineOnce you understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing and have a website (and made some money) you are ready for some advanced strategies and concepts.

We assume you understand the importance of Search Engines and keywords and know how to install and test your links to optimize your promotions. Please review the Education section if you need a refresher. You can also check out my Online Marketing Advisor website here.

We also hope you understand the concept of preselling and building credibility for yourself and your merchants. If not review The Affiliate Masters Course and Make Your Words Sell!. Both are excellent free ebooks that will get you up to speed.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Buying your traffic may seem crazy if you’ve been getting solid free organic traffic on your website. But if you haven’t been getting qualified traffic you may already be considering it. By “qualified” I mean the traffic converts well.

The fact is, when done properly, PPC is an excellent way to drive “qualified” traffic to your promotions. By qualified I mean traffic that is already looking to buy your offering and are far along the Sales Cycle. Why mess with “tire-clickers” when you can reach prospects who already have their credit cards out.

The key to success with PPC is attentive monitoring of your Return On Investment (ROI). It seems obvious, but you always want to make sure that you are making more than you are spending. It’s way too easy to lose money quickly if you don’t pay close attention to your campaigns.

The big advantage of PPC is that you can track your campaigns down to the keyword level. You’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t and you can learn so much about your “prospects” by watching what ads they click on. It can be like paid market research when done correctly.

There are many good books and information on PPC. Here’s a couple of my favorites.

Perry Marshall – The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords

This is just about the Bible on doing PPC with AdWords. A must-read for anyone starting out with PPC. You’ll get solid basic information and strategies plus when you sign up for his newsletter he’ll send you great marketing insights regularly.

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Google AdWords For Dummies

This is the book that got me started on Pay Per Click. What I love about it is it’s not just about AdWords. It’s really about advanced marketing thinking and tactics. It will certainly help you understand how to talk to your customers better.

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Allan Gardyne – Speed PPC

I don’t know much about this product but if Allan’s involved with it it must be good. He’s a class guy.

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Amit Mehta – Super Affiliate Mindset

Amit is a very interesting guy. He has made a ton of money doing PPC but still seems to have a very open and low key attitude for sharing what he knows. I love his blog website and his emails are really worth subscribing to. He’s also a frequent contributor to
Affiliate Summit.

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Email Marketing

They say “the money is in the list.” Who says it? Why email marketers of course.

Many people swear by email marketing and if you think about it it’s a no-brainer.

  • Have a list of qualified prospects (qualified for the products you have to sell) that you can market to anytime
  • Send them regular information that is helpful to them and occasionally offer the products you have to sell
  • Keep in touch on a regular basis with “valuable” information and you can build a strong relationship with them.
  • Tell them about what you have to sell and make money anytime

Build a strong list and you have qualified prospects ready and waiting for your promotions. It’s almost like having money in the bank.

Building a list

This is the hard part. If you have a site with good traffic you can use it as a way to collect email addresses (only if they “opt-in” and agree to signup). If you have a good site with valuable content this can work. Unless you have good traffic it may take some time before your list reaches an effective size.

You can also use PPC as a way to build a list. You can often buy cheap clicks and give a free gift as an incentive.

You’ll send folks to an intermediate “squeeze page.” That’s the page you use to get their email addresses. Make sure your squeeze page is simple, clear and makes it easy to signup. You also want to reassure folks that you won’t be giving away their email addresses.

It’s a good idea to offer something for signing up. Usually an ebook or some offer is a good idea. It’s hard to get someone to give emails these days without getting something in return. Ideally you want to offer something with a verifiable value.

You’ll need an “autoresponder” that collects the names into a database and automatically can respond to various actions by “signees.” Primarily you want to be able to send email “blasts” to this list whenever you want and track responses. Good autoresponders give you full control of collecting, managing and marketing to your list. You can even build multiple lists for different markets.

Email Marketing Resources


AWeber is the leading email services company. They provide pro level marketing tools and unlimited lists and emails that you can send. They of course, provide an autoresponder as well. They offer great features and easy-to-use interface and great reporting. It’s the one I chose to use.

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Constant Contact Constand Contact email management

Another top email marketing provider. The additional feature they offer is “online surveys.” Again, this about building relationships with your visitors and prospects. Having a way to manage and evaluate your campaigns is critical. I haven’t used them but hear they are great. They’ve got a free trial too.

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Email Marketing Reports

Mark Brownlow is an email expert with a great website. You’ll learn a ton about email marketing there. And don’t forget to subscribe to his newsletter.

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Other Resources

ABestWeb – Affiliate Marketing Forum

This great forum is the place to go to take your affiliate skills to a new level. Many very experienced affiliates visit here and many are happy to share what they’ve learned from years in the trenches. Although a beginner is welcome here and can learn a lot, it’s best to have some solid understanding of the affiliate scene before you begin posting. A great place to start is by using the find function to answer your questions before you pose questions to the forum.

Click here to take a look.

Affiliate Summit

This is the premier trade show in Affiliate Marketing. It’s a great place to learn and meet some of the top affiliate marketers. It happens twice a year usually in Las Vegas in the winters and someplace on the east cost in the summer. Whether your a merchant or an affiliate you will come away excited, inspired and with lots of like-minded new friends and partners.

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AdWords – Pay Per Click Advertising

Once you know your site and understand the power of keywords thoroughly you might want to consider driving some traffic to your site using PPC. Google is by far the most powerful of the search engines and it’s advertising component AdWords is definitely the best of the bunch. Another powerful reason to sign up for AdWords is to use their Google Analytics feature. This feature provides some of the best reporting available and can help you understand what is going on with your traffic and of course to help analyze your PPC advertising campaigns.

However, before you invest your money in PPC be sure you understand how the return on your investment (ROI) works. It’s very easy to spend hundreds of dollars a month on PPC without getting a solid return on your spend. Tread carefully with PPC.

Click here for more information – To Find Out What Really Works

This great site does testing of all aspects of online marketing. You’ll find reports from tests they’ve done on such subjects as “Effective Email Campaigns,” “Data Feeds Tested,”The ROI on PPC vs. Affiliate Marketing” and “Testing the Power of Urgency on Offer Pages.” This is one of the great places to gain a masters degree in online marketing and it’s all free. Their motto really says it all…“Discover what really works.”

Click here to go to their site and start learning what works