Affiliate Learning – Advanced Training

Beautiful business woman with laptop.Many of the tools for intermediates are also very appropriate for advanced affiliate marketers too. You just need to take them to the next level.

Here’s some familiar ones and also some truly advanced strategies.

ABestWeb – Affiliate Marketing Forum

This great forum is the place to go to take your affiliate skills to a new level. Many very experienced affiliates visit here and many are happy to share what they’ve learned from years in the trenches. Although a beginner is welcome here and can learn a lot, it’s best to have some solid understanding of the affiliate scene before you begin posting. A great place to start is by using the find function to answer your questions before you pose questions to the forum. Click here to take a look. – To Find Out What Really Works

This great site does testing of all aspects of online marketing. You’ll find reports from tests they’ve done on such subjects as “Effective Email Campaigns,” “Data Feeds Tested,” The ROI on PPC vs. Affiliate Marketing” and “Testing the Power of Urgency on Offer Pages.” This is one of the great places to gain a masters degree in online marketing and it’s all free. Their motto really says it all…”Discover what really works.” Click here to go to their site and sign up for your Masters Degree in Affiliate Marketing.

PHP Programming

As you get more into your site development you may want to learn how to get into a little programming. PHP is great for working with datafeeds and other more advanced affiliate tools. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, and is an open source, server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and if you’re comfortable with advanced HTML you can probably handle PHP. The site a great place to get you started but there are many other great resources online…when you are ready.

Advanced marketers us all types of upsells and sidesells and downsells to leverage every visitor to their website. PHP is one way they do it.

Marketing Sherpa

MarketingSherpa is a research firm publishing real-life Case Studies, practical know-how and benchmark data on what works in online marketing. They say that 237,000 marketing pros read MarketingSherpa each week to discover how to improve their results. The Economist, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge Site, and have all praised MarketingSherpa’s content. They are particularly strong on the email marketing front. Click here to go to their site.