Program Management

outsourced affiliate program managementOnce your program has been setup it’s time to develop the full potential of your program. The day-to-day activities of management is where the rubber-hits-the-road for your program. Recruitment, training, and motivating your affiliates is the key to turning a good program into a great one.

They say that 80% of the job is just showing up. But these days “showing up” means being available 24-7 to answer questions, provide customized tools, and putting out the occasional fire. It means full-time research to find the best affiliates and marketing strategies for your niche. It also means watching the competition so you can stay one step ahead.

Program Management by BitCom assures you guaranteed brand protection and a team of partners that are on your side. Your partners will always have the latest links to you. They will synchronize with your current promotions, hot products, and your important seasonal marketplace changes. They will extend your reach well beyond your current customer base.

Management Activities

So what exactly does managing an affiliate program involve? Full program management includes all the services included in Initial Program Set-up plus the services below…

  • Create and upload banners and links as needed.
  • Manage and communicate with affiliates as required via e-mail, phone, Skype and IM
  • Respond to all affiliate requests and issues
  • Maintain a forum on ABestWeb to communicate with affiliates
  • Send weekly e-mails or monthly newsletters to affiliates as needed.
  • Create cash prizes, contests, monthly bonuses and other incentives targeted specifically to motivate affiliates
  • Create and design effective coupons and targeted text links (if appropriate)
  • Develop and manage product datafeed when appropriate for program
  • Review and create monthly and quarterly reports as needed.
  • Announce program and program incentives on forums and directories such as and Affiliate Program Bonus
  • Communicate openly and effectively with new and experienced affiliate partners on other forums
  • Provide Affiliate Marketing training to affiliates as required
  • Design and implement targeted affiliate sales domains
  • Recruit affiliates by all effective means and by targeted e-mail campaigns and newsletters
  • Submit your program to affiliate directories and other partner sites and forums around the world
  • Create sales sites that are targeted specifically to generate sales, recruit affiliates
  • Advise affiliates on appropriate PPC, keyword usage as well as search engine SEO
  • After office hours contact and phone support available as required
  • Strategic development of all aspects of the program

Our service fees vary from client to client depending on scope and complexity of the program and based on retainer, revenue sharing and percentage of affiliate sales.

Program Consulting

If you have an affiliate program that you are managing yourself or want to start a new program, BitCom has services that can help you get your program moving forward quickly.

Perhaps you are new to affiliate marketing and need some initial training or consulting until you are ready to fly on your own. Our years of experience can help you get up to speed and give you that solid foundation.

Initial Start-up

If you are just starting your program and need to get it rolling we have all the services you’ll need. We can help you choose a network, get links and creative developed and uploaded, identify good affiliates for your program, and define a strategy going forward.

Underperforming Programs

If you feel your program is underperforming or ready for professional management we can also help you move your program to that next level. We’ll help you make that affiliate investment pay off by identifying areas that can be improved.

Of course we would be happy to manage your entire program and make sure that it is performing in high gear 24/7. A professionally run program will impact your bottom line quickly and give you the kind of reach online that will add customers to your business for years to come.

Perhaps you feel your site is not maximizing traffic. We can identify the keywords, phrases and content that have the Search Engine demand required for success. Plus once that traffic arrives we can help you make sure there’s a great shopping experience waiting for them.

Whatever you require to get your affiliate program moving in high gear BitCom is ready to help. To learn more about the details of full program management and program consulting contact us here.