Initial Program Setup

Business TeamIf you are considering adding an affiliate program that you plan to manage yourself, BitCom provides all the help you’ll need to get started.

We can help you…

  • Evaluate the best Affiliate Network for your program
  • We can also help you set-up an inhouse tracking system.
  • Recommend and help establish a fair commission or CPA system for your affiliates
  • Install tracking code on “receipt” checkout page
  • Create initial set of creatives including banners and text links.
  • We can also build DRM javascript showcases for you
  • Build your affiliate micro site to provide signup and program details for affiliates
  • Evaluate/Setup and test internal and external datafeed (if needed)
  • Design affiliate program bio details page on network.
  • Perform all necessary tracking, testing and training through shopping cart, etc.
    Add and test phone tracking script (if needed)
  • Spread the word to affiliate directories and affiliate forums about your new affiliate program

Our initial program set-up includes 30 days e-mail and/or phone consulting and training. We can also arrange on-site training if you prefer. Contact us here for more information.

Running Your Own Program

If you decide to run your own program after initial setup we would be happy to help you learn the ins and outs of running that program. You’ll have lots to learn and so will your staff.

Is your staff up to speed on affiliate marketing? Do they understand all the buzz words and jargon and acronyms that are a normal part of the language of affiliates? Do they understand CPA, CPC, SEO, Page Rank, Alexa and Pay Per Click?

Don’t blame them if they don’t. Affiliate marketing is complex and the initial learning curve is steep. Would they be ready to talk to a super affiliate tomorrow? Would they know what they need and why? Would they know how to present your program in the best light compared to your competition? Most of the best affiliates have been doing this for many years. They can sniff out a new and poorly managed program in an instant.

Would they know how to evaluate an affiliate to determine whether they should be allowed into a program, or to tell if they deserve a better commission? Do they know how to determine if an affiliate is bidding on your trademark and what they are paying? Would they recognize a parasitic affiliate?

These are all important questions. A good Affiliate Manager has to know all this and much more. With thousands of programs for affiliates to join out there, making your program stand out is getting difficult to do. The last thing you want is to have it stand out as being poorly run.

You CAN Do It

Yet affiliate marketing is not rocket science. With the right education a savvy employee can be trained in the day-to-day skills that are required to run a solid affiliate program. Certainly an understanding of computers and the web are required, and it doesn’t hurt to know a little graphic design and HTML, but these skills can be learned or outsourced.

Here’s an example of what an initial training package could include…

  • Review of all buzzwords, terminology and critical concepts in the affiliate marketing industry
  • Training on the network interface for managing reporting, creative upload, sales tracking, commission payments, and affiliate interface
  • Overview of creative/link types and which affiliates work with various models
  • Training on various affiliate marketing types and what their needs and issues might be
  • Identification of good prospects for recruitment and how to identify super affiliates and get them to join your program
  • Affiliate incentive types and best motivational techniques
  • Affiliate communications and how develop effective ways of getting affiliates’ attention
  • Newsletter development for both HTML and text emails
  • Becoming an affiliate in your own program
  • How to spread the word about your affiliate program

With our many years of experience in affiliate marketing, graphic design, training, and consulting BitCom is ready to help you train your staff.

Of course we’d love to run your entire program for you. But if you decide to run it yourself we are happy to help. Just contact us here and let us kow how we can be of service.