Affiliate Program Optimization

business group - woman leadingIf you feel your affiliate program is under performing we can help you shift it into high gear. With a database full of great affiliates and relationships with some of the big players in the affiliate scene we know how to put the pedal to the metal for your program.

We can also help you decide if your affiliate network is giving you the best bang for the buck. The wrong network provider can sap your resources and even keep the best affiliates away from joining your program.

Do you know if your program is infected with parasites? We can check your program for parasitic affiliates that not only cost you sales but also drive away the truly ethical and effective affiliates.

Also if your site is not converting affiliate clicks into sales we can help analyze your site to see if we can improve your ratio. Are your affiliates using the best preselling tactics to warm up your visitors? We can check your presentation on affiliate sites to see if there are some improvements that can be made.

A great affiliate partnership is based on an affiliate preselling their visitors on your program and the merchant converting those warmed-up clicks into sales. If something is missing in that equation then your affiliate program will under-perform.

We can analyze and test your links, landing page, and shopping cart to make sure the ducks-are-in-a-row for maximum conversion. Without constant testing you’re just guessing. Multivariate and A/B testing is required to make sure your landing pages are converting to their full potential. Remember, the best affiliates only want to work with merchants who have sites that are optimized for maximum conversion.

Monthly Consulting – Service Level II

  • Monthly consulting consists of working with your in-house manager, dept manager or CEO and evaluating on a continuous basis a complete affiliate program and all aspects of running a long term campaign.
  • The consulting time frame can range from just a few months or indefinitely. We generally suggest a minimum of six months.
  • It does take time to setup a program properly, recruit affiliates, develop communication channels and get them active in the program.
  • It includes all aspects of implementing the initial program plus suggesting additional conversion tools, press release services, suggesting best recruiting methods, reactivation bonuses, suggestions for search engine optimization (SEO) and setting up a simple Pay Per Click ( PPC) campaign.

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