Affiliate Management Services

affiliate marketing transactionIf you’re an online merchant then you probably want to drive more business to your web site. One great way to increase your business very quickly is to add an online sales force.

An affiliate program is really your outside sales team driving targeted traffic to your web site. Having an affiliate program will expand your web reach exponentially. With thousands of other web sites talking about your products and services and branding you, you’ll reach more people with the right message than you ever dreamed possible. And the beauty of affiliate marketing is you don’t have to pay affiliates until they make sales.

And starting an affiliate program is not as difficult as you may think. However choosing the correct strategy and affiliate tracking system requires experience and the time to get it done right. Perhaps you don’t have that time or expertise.

Great Affiliates Are Standing By

Finding the right affiliate partners is also critical. The right affiliate team makes all the difference in the world. You’ll find that 10% of your affiliates will drive 90% of your affiliate business. Knowing where to find that top 10% is the trick. And keeping them motivated is also a key.

At BitCom we have relationships with many of the top affiliates. Our affiliate database numbers in the thousands. But more importantly we know how to match the right affiliate with the right merchant. It must be a true partnership and a true win-win relationship to succeed.

Managing your affiliate partners is also important. It helps to know their key issues and favorite promotional tools and where they can be reached. Communication via newsletters, emails, Blogs, and Instant Messenger create the kind of affiliate relationship that can truly change a merchant’s business for the better.

It also helps to also have the experience of being a successful affiliate yourself. As in any relationship, trust and respect only come from shared experiences and common goals and the willingness to work together. Great affiliates can tell quickly if an affiliate manager understands their market and talks their language.

Affiliates Know Good Merchants

A key ingredient for any successful merchant is having a site that offers a great shopping experience. Online customers want the tools they need to find what they want. They want to know that their purchases will be secure and will arrive when expected.

Affiliates know this too and want to partner with merchants who will convert those clicks they send into sales. If a merchant doesn’t convert, there are many other partners they can choose from who will.

BitCom understands all these critical factors. We have years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and we can help increase your online presence and move your business in the right direction.

Affiliate Network Management

Most Merchants use a third party tracking provider to manage clicks, links, and sales. This can include the major networks like ShareASale, LinkShare, Commission Junction, or others. Their role is to provide independent link tracking so that affiliates can trust that they will be payed accurately for their efforts.

BitCommunication Network Partners

The Network also provides reporting, management of link delivery, and payments to affiliates. In return, merchants usually pay a percentage of sales to the network. Sometimes other fees for creative management, datafeed delivery, and mailing of email newsletters can apply.

Benefits of Affiliate Networks

One advantage of an Affiliate Network is there is already a large group of affiliates that have signed up. This gives merchants a quick pool of affiliates to jump start their affiliate team. The merchant can also recruit affiliates from that pool and prescreen good affiliates. The advantage to affiliates is they have a large group of merchants they can choose from and can also evaluate their programs and find good monetization partners.


A key benefit of the network is it’s reporting. The network provides statistics for each type of link and reports on all sales including conversion ratios, link success rates and in some case referrer reports for identifying click sources. Critical sales management information can be found by analyzing these reports and by tracking successful affiliates and determining what makes them successful.

Networks also provide a bulk email mechanism. Regular newsletters from a merchant to its affililiate partners is a great way to provide the latest links, promotions, coupons and to generally stay in touch with all your affiliate team. Because affiliates want to get paid promptly the addresses they provide the network are generally very accurate and are an effective way to communicate with them.

Through our management program, BitCom provides complete network management including sending newsletters, sales tracking, affiliate approval and disapproval, and link management. We also manage the sale reversal process and any communications that would be provided through the network.

At BitCommunications we understand affiliates and what they need. We also understand merchants and what it takes to grow an online business. Our job is to connect great affiliates and great merchants in a way that makes them both more successful.

To arrange a FREE program evaluation or to talk about how adding an affiliate program can grow your business please give us a call or contact us here. Great affiliates are standing by waiting to help you.