How We Help You

business group 3What can BitCom do for me?

It’s a fair question. After all, that’s why you’re here.

The heart of BitCom’s services is based on the proposition that Affiliate Marketing must be a partnership. In many ways we act like a matchmaking service to bring great merchants together with strong affiliates. But it’s actually only after the initial meeting that our job truly starts. Making sure that the marriage thrives and grows is our #1 job.

Merchants must provide the products, marketing tools and shopping experience that motivates their affiliate partners to proactively promote and brand them effectively in the online marketplace. Affiliates must understand their merchant’s brand and value proposition can actually add credibility to that proposition. If both of these don’t happen the marriage could fail and certainly will not reach it’s full potential.

Merchant Services

As an online marketer you already have some understanding of how the Web works. You’ve learned how to get your business online and how to provide your product or service to your customers.

But perhaps you feel that you haven’t reached your full potential. Maybe you’ve heard that adding an affiliate program can grow your business.

But real success is never an accident. It comes from hard work, knowing your goals and having a plan to reach those goals.

We believe that success in Affiliate Marketing takes place by following these steps…

Brainstorming Your Niche

First, we listen to you to learn about your business. Then we identify your competitors and research the trends and tendencies within that industry. This will help us identify the proper network to find the best pool of affiliates to grow your company. Depending on your needs, you may choose to run your program on an existing network or use in-house, private label software. Affiliate needs will be a large factor in this determination.

Design Your Program

Again, based on your company vision, we will create all promotional aspects of the affiliate marketing program, including landing pages, banners, text ads, javascript creative and content. Our designers and copywriters will develop content and image ads that grab attention, but more importantly will convert prospects into customers.

Program Implementation

Once you have approved the program design, BitCom will implement the program. This includes launching the program and establishing the tracking mechanism so that we can monitor results of every promotional tool we provide our partner affiliates. Being able to test every aspect of your landing pages and creative is the only way to know what works and what doesn’t. Your best affiliates will demand this kind of information.

Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping a watchful eye on any affiliate marketing program is critical. Things change frequently and having our fingers on the pulse of market trends and affiliate strategies is always important. Like any sales team your affiliate partners will need supervision, training, and ongoing support to help insure their success.

affiliate marketing partnershipYour testing and tracking mechanism is critical to determining what adjustments need to be made. Whether it’s tweaking copy on your landing pages or changing messaging on your banners, every nuance of your promotions must be monitored and adjusted for optimal conversion.

We monitor major affiliates daily to make sure they are aggressive, accurate, and consistent in their marketing efforts on your behalf. To keep them motivated we’ll do periodic promotions, or develop affiliate incentive programs to maximize results.

Affiliate Services

Great affiliates are made not born. They become Super Affiliates through constant education and experimentation. They’ve become great by trying various online marketing strategies until they find what works best for them and for the merchants they support. It’s not uncommon for the best affiliates in a niche to understand how to succeed far better than the merchants in that niche. They may actually be the experts.

One of our jobs at BitCom is to help affiliates succeed. We not only search to find existing successful affiliates but we also work to develop good new ones into great ones. We do that through education and our own testing to see what strategies work best. After years of watching the successful affiliates it’s easy to see why some succeed while others do not.

We offer site reviews for affiliates to help them optimize their presentation and value proposition. Job #1 for any affiliate is to create credibility for themselves. Until they have their own credibility they won’t be able to give believable merchant recommendations. It’s only after they’ve established trust with their audience that you see their conversion rates begin to skyrocket.

Some new affiliates still believe that adding a bunch of banners to their site is all they need to do to be successful. Those days are long over. Unless an affiliate understands sound online marketing techniques they are just wasting their time — and their merchant’s.

So to answer the question ‘what can we do for you?’ our answer is “help you succeed.” We hope you’ll give us a chance to show you what we can do.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed online please contact us.