Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate HyperlinkQ. How do I know if Affiliate Marketing is a good fit for my business?

A. If you have a reputable web site selling a good product then Affiliate Marketing will probably help your business. In particular, if you have a new web site just beginning to get some traffic, then having an affiliate team will very quickly add additional traffic and improve your search engine optimization. If you’d like to talk more about how Affiliate Marketing can help you then why not arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation. Just send us an email and we’ll be glad to arrange an appointment.

Q. Can I run my own Affiliate Program?

A. You certainly can run your own program. BitCom will be glad to help you set it up and train your program manager and work with you until you are ready to swim on your own. Remember, running an affiliate program is not a part time job. You must be ready to commit time and resources to make your program successful. Great affiliates demand that kind of commitment.

Q. How long does it take to get an Affiliate Program up to speed and making money?

A. Like most things it depends on how much effort you put into your program. It also depends on how ready your web site is to convert traffic into sales. If you are committed and your web site is ready you should begin to see significant results within three to six months.

Q. I’m considering becoming an affiliate. How do I get started?

A. All good affiliate programs are free and easy to join. Typically the first step is to sign up with some networks. You can click here if you’d like to learn more about how to become a successful affiliate.

Q. I’m already an affiliate. Why should I join a program run by BitCom?

A. If you are already an affiliate you know how important it is to have a merchant that supports your efforts and gives you the tools and attention you need to be successful. Because we’ve been there, we know what affiliates want and we only work with merchants who are willing to provide the tools you need. Click here to sign up with some great merchants.

Q. How much commission should I pay my affiliates?

A. The commission you pay will be based on your net margin and how committed you are to supporting your affiliates. To the best affiliates a fair commission is very important. What is just as important is a web site that will provide a good shopping experience and will convert the clicks they send you into sales.

Q. I’m new to online marketing. Where can I go to get up to speed?

A. You can start in our sister website Online Marketing Advisor. Our team has been providing consulting services for over 5 years. You can get a great education on how Online Marketing works there.

But really their are many places to go to learn about affiliate marketing and how to be successful online. Try using the search engines like Google to search for whatever topic you may have questions about. Using the search engines will help you find the latest information and it is also a great lesson in how the web works. The SEs and the keywords and phrases browsers use to search, are the keys to understanding how marketing is done online. Study that process and you can be an online marketing success.