Diverse business group meetingWe would be happy to provide an initial 30 minute consultation to help you determine if starting an Affiliate Program is the best choice for you. If you think your program is struggling and you need some help, we would be happy to talk to you as well. There is, of course, no charge for the consultation.

Starting An Affiliate Program

If you are a merchant considering an affiliate marketing program we can help you understand what is involved and how best to get started. And you don’t need to be a big merchant with lots of products for Affiliate Marketing to be right for you. If you have good product or service that reaches a wide international audience, and can be sold online, then Affiliate Marketing could be a great way to promote your business.

Perhaps you are a small company with only a few products. Starting an Affiliate Program can work for you too. If you have the margins to pay a “sales force” having other websites that feed you customers can be an excellent idea. You’ll be amazed at how affiliate marketing can help grow your business. Let’s chat and see if it is a good fit for you.

What to think about…

To best serve you during this consultation please begin to think about these questions…

  • How much time do you have to devote to running an Affiliate Program?
  • Would you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced online marketer?
  • What is your current online marketing approach?
  • Do you plan to use PPC, SEO, or other traffic building techniques?
  • Have you had any experience with affiliate marketing up to this point?
  • As a merchant what do you feel are the biggest challenges to making your online business successful?
  • What are your current staffing resources that you could devote to an affiliate marketing program?
  • What are your current website design and programming capabilities?
  • Are you open to suggestions on how to make your online business more successful?

To arrange a consultation, please contact us by phone (727-791-3848) during normal EST hours or email. We will be happy to arrange an appointment. If you’d like to contact us via our contact form click here.