About BitCommunications

About BitCommunicationsOnline Marketing is a bit different than offline marketing. Online you’ll need to communicate your value proposition and the benefits of your solution within seconds. Otherwise your visitor will be off searching for the next “solution.”

Online your prospects are in control. And they like it that way.

An engaging website design is critical to making that great first impression. But once you get your visitor to stick around you’ll need to focus on delivering value, otherwise they won’t stick around for long.

You’ll also need to build that site in a way that’s not only attractive to your visitors but also to the search engines. The top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN, control your destiny, so building a site that is “search engine friendly” is critical to online success.

Once you’ve convinced the search engines that your site has value and they send you traffic, you’ll need to convince your visitors that you have something of value for them. Great content and solutions to their problems are the only way to keep their attention and coming back for more. If not they’ll be off to find a better solution faster than you can say back button.

So building credibility with your visitors is job #1. To begin to create a relationship with your visitors you’ll need to convince them that you understand their “problems” and want to help them find a “solution.” In other words you position yourself as a helpful solution provider.

Long term success is dependent on satisfying your visitors. It’s that simple.

BitCom provides full service Affiliate Marketing Consulting and Management. We were founded in late 2006 and grew from experience running several affiliate programs. We’re new and we’re aggressive.

About BitCommunication’s Founder

CEO/Founder Rick Hart has been in marketing for over 30 years. Marketing is his passion and now he has turned his attention full-time to online marketing. Mentors like Ken Evoy, Ed Dale, Jay Conrad Levinson, Yanik Silver, Jimmy D. Brown, and Derek Gehl have inspired him to turn his passion to helping others succeed online. BitCommunications is the result of that evolution.

Rick has been running affiliate programs since 2005, first as in-house manager for GigaGolf and most recently as in-house manager for SiteSell. He prides himself on excellent customer service and special relationships with all his partners.

For the last five years Rick has been an online marketing consultant providing training and consulting in online marketing through his Online Marketing Advisor website. He also has written a book entitled Turning Visitors Into Customers: The Online Marketing Sales Cycle that can be purchased on Amazon here.

Now he as started BitCommunications Affiliate Management to offer outsourced program management to merchants who need an experienced manager to run their programs.

As an affiliate manager, Rick focused on learning why his top affiliates succeeded, and often earned 5-figure monthly incomes while in his programs. He cracked the code and now wants to apply what he learned to the merchants and affiliates he manages.

And the “code” is really no secret at all… help your visitors solve their problems and take good care of them and you can succeed.

But there is a true skill and almost an art to doing that. Making the kind of connection that motivates your visitors to buy your solution and trust your recommendations takes a special knack. But that knack can be learned. In fact, that’s what his book is about. Rick adds that knack into each affiliate program BitCommunications manages.

The Internet is a 24/7 business and whether it’s providing marketing tools, training, planning, or putting out the occasional fire, Rick’s focus is on customer service, day or night, via phone, e-mail or social media, he is there when his partners need him.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed online please contact us.