Drive More Sales With Great Affiliate Partners

A successful Affiliate Program must be a partnership between affiliate and merchant for it to be a win-win.

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Setup Your Program The Right Way

When your program is built correctly from the ground up, you can count on affiliates wanting to promote you.

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Learn How Affiliate Marketing Works

The big benefit of Affiliate Marketing is you don’t pay your sales team until a sale is made.

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We'll Get Your Affiliate Program In High Gear

Optimizing your program with great promotional tools and incentives for affiliates will get your program in high gear.

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Why Affiliate Marketing

If you have an online business then you need a strategy to drive traffic to your site. You can use Search Engine Optimization, but we know how unreliable search engine traffic can be.

You can use Pay Per Click advertising, but that can be expensive and you are not guaranteed to get sales from those clicks.

That’s what makes Affiliate Marketing so attractive. It’s like having an online sales force sending you qualified prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And good affiliates will enhance your brand and offer a great “word of mouth” recommendation. We all know that’s the best form of marketing you can find.

But the big benefit of Affiliate Marketing is you only pay when an action you want takes place. You only pay when a sale is made. That’s why it’s often called Performance Marketing. You only pay affiliates who perform.

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Find Great Affiliates!

It’s natural to think that the more affiliates a program has the more successful that program will be. This is true to an extent. However, having the right affiliates is much more important.

The fact is 10% of your affiliates will drive 90% of your revenue. This makes is critical to identify that 10% as soon as possible to help make sure they have the right tools and are properly motivated to grow your program.

A merchant wants to make sure that their affiliates not only support them with links but also will enhance their brand and value proposition. A great affiliate will drive quality traffic to your web site. By quality we mean traffic that has been presold on the value of your products and the quality of your buying experience. The implied testimonial of a good affiliate will create trust and credibility for your brand and make that visitor much more likely to turn into a great long-term customer.

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Get Your Program Optimized

A great affiliate partnership is based on an affiliate preselling his visitors on your program and the merchant converting those warmed-up clicks into sales. If something is missing in that equation then your affiliate program will under-perform.

If you feel your affiliate program is under performing we can help you shift it into high gear. With a database full of great affiliates and relationships with some of the big players in the affiliate scene we know how to put the pedal to the metal for your program.

Also if your site is not converting affiliate clicks into sales we can help analyze your site to see if we can improve your ratio. Are your affiliates using the best preselling tactics to warm up your visitors? We can check your presentation on affiliate sites to see if there are some improvements that can be made.

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How We Can Help You

With over eight years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing space we understand the business. But that doesn’t say what we can do for you.

The heart of BitCom’s services is based on the proposition that Affiliate Marketing must be a partnership. In many ways we act like a matchmaking service to bring great merchants together with strong affiliates. But it’s actually only after the initial program launch that our job truly starts. Making sure that the marriage thrives and grows is our #1 job.

Merchants must provide the products, marketing tools and shopping experience that motivates their affiliate partners to proactively promote and brand them effectively in the online marketplace. Affiliates must understand their merchant’s value proposition and add credibility to that proposition like only an independent third party can do. If this doesn’t happen, the partnership could fail and certainly will not reach it’s full potential.

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